A History of DAAU

In 2017 Antwerp based DAAU, formerly known as Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung, will celebrate it’s 25 years jubilee.

Radical Duke Entertainment will be releasing a brand new album to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary and it won’t be your average studio album. For this opportunity ex-dEUS guitarist Rudy Trouvé – at present a highly respected musician/producer in Antwerp & beyond – took the role of curator. He dug through the bands repertoire and selected a number of tracks which were re-recorded by the band. This album will be some sort of an anthology: aged through years of experience, personal growth and probably even wisdom.

The release of the album is planned for April 2017. An extended tour will set off in May with concerts in Liège (Reflektor, 4/5), Antwerp (De Studio, 12/5) and Utrecht (Ekko, 25/5).

The new live set will be dynamic in which we’ll be combining the energy of our early days with the refinement obtained over the years. The music will take you from ecstasy to sweet emotions and back again. Also: there will be visuals by Rudy Trouvé.

“When the four original members got together in 1992, they were cocky youngsters with classical instruments, jazz skills and a punk attitude, ready to discover the world. The band took a quick start because of international attention for the Antwerp music scene spearheaded by dEUS & Moondog Jr.. Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung travelled accross Europe to perform, from the stages of Roskilde to Werchter and Sziget.”

“After a cricitally acclaimed debut album the band was signed to Sony Classical until 2002, when they decided to set up their own label Radical Duke Entertainment.
DAAU is a band that has managed to re-invent itself with each album, from new classic music on their debut album over  prog rock/free jazz vibes on Domestic Wildlifeto sophisticated electro-acoustics on ‘8 definitions’. The repertoire is rich, eclectic and contradictory. As Simon Lenski once stated: we prefer to wander on smaller roads and mountain paths rather than follow the highways.”